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Wedding events fireworks

Stonebraker Fireworks at the Sarchet Event Center, private wedding.
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Adding flair to your own party costs much less than you might expect, starting as low as $2,000, including Stonebraker’s full professional services.

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Amaze and dazzle your guests at any moment during your event with a stunning outdoor pyrotechnic display - perhaps at the first kiss, the champagne toast or simply to signal the start of the party. Make your wedding sparkle with joy!
Starting at $2,000

Kick off your event or close the evening with a short but impressive pyrotechnic display using a collection of spectacular colors and noise. Your special announcement or moment to celebrate can be dynamic and memorable without breaking the bank.
Starting at $3,000

Have a special song you want to put with fireworks? We can do that! We’ll choreograph a vibrant outdoor display to any song of your choice with eye-catching colors and effects reaching to colossal heights.
Starting at $4,000

Stonebraker specialists can compose a delightful fanfare of fireworks, beginning with an awe-inspiring outdoor display and ending with a breathtaking finale sequence as the highlight to your evening’s entertainment.
Starting at $8,000

Would you like to put on a beautiful fireworks display but aren’t sure what products you would like? Custom displays are our specialty, and the Stonebraker team loves the chance to charm and astonish any crowd with a display arranged perfectly to your needs. Let us put together the perfect fireworks or pyrotechnics display. Just contact a J&M Representative now to find out how your evening can start or end with a bang.

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