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Expertise about Safety & Permits

All displays require a permit from the authority having jurisdiction in the area where the display will be presented. Usually, this is the local fire department. We work with fire departments throughout a four-state region, and we take care of permits for any turnkey presentation that we plan. Please understand that we must pass along to our customer any permit fees charged by local authorities.

As a fully licensed fireworks display company, safety is our top priority. Whether displays are indoor or outdoor, J & M Displays provides the products and the services to make fireworks worry-free for the event planner. Our professionals take care of advance fire permitting and documentation, and our expert technicians reliably execute every aspect of the on-site work.

All displays follow the strictest safety measures, conforming to NFPA 1123 Code for Fireworks Display and NFPA 1126 Standard for the Use of Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience.

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