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Anatomy of a Shell

We have heard many people say, "Fireworks are fireworks—they’re all pretty." That may be true, but our goal is to surpass the norm. We infuse our displays with an extra dose of pizzazz that leaves your crowd wide-eyed and screaming, "WOW!"

Our shells have the following visually appealing qualities:

  • brilliant colors
  • original designs
  • stars that hang in the sky
  • perfectly symmetrical patterns
  • complete patterns—no gaps from inferior stars that burn too quickly or not at all

When you are watching a fireworks display, you may not realize how much better it could be. We have created two videos using the same five shells to give you a visual example of how much better our shells are than a pile of cheap shells available elsewhere. Watch "their" show. Then, look at ours and see the difference!

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